6 Tips to Live on Less

By Lynesha McElveen

In today’s economy it is more important than ever to learn how to live on less.  If you are like me, you like to look good, but you don’t want to break the bank to do it.  If this is your goal like it’s mine, then check out these tips on how to be a Di$count Diva on a dime!


  1. Switch your cell phone plan to a prepaid plan or $50/month plan.  The trade off is the internet speed slows down after you use so many gigs, but how many of us really need super fast internet on our phones?  Most of us are surfing the web, getting on Facebook, or sending an email.  If you can tolerate slightly slower speed, you can save $70 or so a month for unlimited everything.
  2. Shop for clothing in non-traditional places.  Get over your need to have everything neatly placed and easily seen and go somewhere that you may have to hunt i.e. thrift stores, consignment shops, flea markets, and yard sales.  If you can put a little extra time into searching for steals, you may luck up on a Diane Von Furstenburg dress for $14 or a Derek Lam purse for $150!  At some of these shops you can even sell your unworn/unwanted items and make a quick buck.
  3. Look for inexpensive or free entertainment.  Most of us enjoy a night out on the town, but many of us can’t afford to visit Broadway for every major show.  So what’s the alternative …Ushering.  This way you get to see the play, musical, or ballet for free by just handing out some programs.  Also, check out local magazines for information on free concerts, outdoor movies, free days at museums, and happy hours or clubs. 
  4. As far as housing goes, this is usually the major chunk of most people’s money.  You can go the old fashioned way like getting a roommate, or if you have a large enough home, rent out a room, or section of your house. 
  5. Travel for less by using bargain websites like flybird.com, bestfares.com, vacationstogo.com.  Also, you can lodge for less by renting out someone’s home with a group of companions and splitting the costs.  You could even consider swapping your own home. 
  6. Relaxation and Personal Care is very important especially with today’s high demand jobs.  Make it a point to get a monthly massage.  You can make this more affordable by visiting a local massage school that offers massages for free or by finding out what days local spas have discount massage days.  Also try visiting a local Bathhouse for a small fee and relaxing in meditation rooms, spas, and saunas until you feel rejuvenated and refreshed.  You can find these spas by looking up Korean, Japanese, or Turkish Bathhouses. 



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