Laugh Your Way to the Bank

In today’s economy it is important now more than ever to find ways to laugh about her current situations.  We could sit around sulking about job loss, pay cuts, or furloughs, but what good would that do?  We could complain about the fact we haven’t gotten a raise in over a year or we could find our own way to create the extra income we desire.  With this income we can not only pay for our daily expenses, but stack our savings.  Here are some sure fire ways to help you laugh all the way to the bank!

Cut costs on everyday items.  You can do this by finding the cheapest way to watch t.v. like using Netflix or find the best deal on cable.  Negotiate with the companies and let them know the offers from their competitors.  You may also clip coupons and save a bundle.  This can be time consuming, but the amount of money you can save can be tremendous.  Now the key is once you cut your costs to save the difference.  This will make you feel victorious to be getting a L.E.G. up on  life!

Rake your own yard or cut your own grass.  I know, I know, I’m not much of our outdoors girl either, but doing your own yard work can save you the expense of hiring a professional, plus you will be getting the exercise you need to keep you fine and healthy, and we all want that!  Be sure to put the money you would be paying your yard man into the bank.

Start a home based business/network marketing company to get involved with.  These companies are great because they not only allow you to make money, but to increase your tax write offs.  They are also wonderful with helping you with your personal self-development, build confidence, and overcome the fear of rejection.

Find your passion and find a way to get paid from it.  Many of us work jobs we not only don’t like, but how great would it be to find a way to make money off of what you are most passionate about.  If you like doing make up, maybe you can start doing it for your friends, if you like planning events, offer to plan an event for some of your colleagues.  The money you make from following your passion can be saved because it’s extra.

Go above and beyond at work.  Not everyone is cut out to run their own business.  If you like the job you are working, great, you should have no problem going being and doing the best at it.  By arriving early, staying late, turning in things before there deadlines, and being a team player, you will outshine your peers and make yourself invaluable to the company.  This will be your best way to a raise, which can then be saved.

Make you a priority.  No one is going to care about you more than you, so be sure to save for your future. You should do this by always Paying Yourself First.  What I mean by this is before you sit down to pay your electric, cell phone, or even mortgage bill, pay you!  If you get into this habit, you will constantly be building money up for your future and will be surprised at how quickly your savings grow.

I hope these tips help you achieve your financial dreams and stay on track towards your goals.  Sometimes, it can seem impossible to make the best of challenging situations and you may at times feel like you want to cry, but if you employ these tips you can be sure to laugh your way to the bank!

Lynesha McElveen is the owner of Liberty Educational Group and is known as the Di$count Diva who teaches people how to get the best for less and still have money in the bank.





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