Why Becoming a Discount Diva is Attractive and Important

dior girlI think becoming a Di$count Diva was just my destiny.  Even as a young child I went to thrift stores with my mother, which I thought was disgusting, but I was exposed to it whether I wanted to be or not!  In college, I remember watching Ricki Lake and seeing this girl show off her fabulous boots she had purchased from a thrift store in Atlanta and that’s when I was sold!  I knew then if I could find ways to get great stuff for less, I was all for that.

I even remember finding ways to create things in high school. For example, I used to cut off the tags from the back of my old Keds to put on the back of the new, cheap, knockoff version just to look cool.  Now, I’m not a knockoff girl at all, but I learned early how to make it work with what I had.  I would often try to make dresses shorter or reinvent outfits by changing them with different accessories because I didn’t have a mother who was just constantly buying me the latest trends.  We were by no means dirt poor, but we were no where near rich either and I knew I was a clotheshorse and always wanted newer, different, unique pieces, and in order to get them I had to be creative and innovative.

As I become a young adult, I quickly saw how becoming a Discount Diva was attractive.  I mean both in college and as I began my career, I was broke, but I still wanted to look fly. When I reflected on the fact I could still, “Get my Gucci Without Getting Gotcha” by shopping thrift, consignment, discount stores, flea markets, yard sales and the like, why wouldn’t I?  You mean to tell me, I could actually find $160 J Brand Jeans for $7, $1500 Christian Louboutin pumps for $99, and $5000 Derek Lam purses for $150, and even better I could take $2000 trips to Japan for $800, buy a $74.500 BMW for $17,000 0r a $500,000 home for $165,000.

As I became an older adult, I realized why being a Discount Diva was important.  I hit rock bottom.  I lost my job and went into serious debt.  I went bankrupt, foreclosed on houses, had lights cut off , ate of the dollar menu, not because I wanted too, but because that’s all I could afford.  This happened, because for a moment, I had forgotten my Discount Diva roots.  I started spending with no regard, even though I was making fairly good money.  I stopped paying attention to prices.  I started just splurging with no regard for tomorrow and when I lost my job, I continued to spend like I had one.

It took me years to both rebuild my credit and my self-esteem, but I wouldn’t trade the lessons I learned.  Lessons that actually developed me into “The Discount Diva.”  I realize that all of my ups and downs brought me to this point.  The point where I can share my experiences with others with no shame.  Hopefully, I have shared something that can help you see why YOU should become a Discount Diva too!

For more information on the benefits of becoming a Discount Diva you can purchase my new book: “Discount Diva’s 30 Tips to Having the Best for Less” at: http://bit.ly/17zN09o and also purchase my DVD, “Ballin’ on a Budget” at: www.LyneshaMcElveen.com.



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