Last Minute Holiday Savings Tips

Holiday SavingsGood morning Divas!  The Holidays are fast approaching I wanted to make sure you were armed with knowledge to make your shopping both fun and frugal!

1.  Be sure to create a budget before you begin holiday shopping.  Lots of times we get caught up in sales or discounts and end up buying things that weren’t in our budgets.  Create a holiday shopping budget and stick to it!
2.  Try shopping online.  There are many sites from braddeals to ibid to amazon where you can find great deals on items and get things for a lot less than you planned to spend.
3.  Give the gift that keeps on giving.  Instead of just focusing on barbie dolls and air Air Jordans, give gifts that appreciate like a share of stock, or a Savings Bond, or a CD.  Most people will appreciate this in the future when that asset increases in value.
4.  Make holiday shopping fun by gathering a group of friends and doing it together.  This way even though the stores are crowded you have your friends there to keep you company.  Those friends can also keep you on track with your budget.
5.  S.M.A.R.T. is the New Rich so google things like, “best gifts under $5” or “luxury for less.”  Getting a nice gift doesn’t mean going into debt or broke in the process.
6.  Shop Thrift, Consignment, Flea Markets, Yard Sales.  Some of you may be like, “Ewwwwww, I don’t want to get nobody nothing used.”  If you follow my blog, remember, I purchased a brand new pair of Christian Louboutin’s back in July for $89 at a thrift store.  IJS…
7.  Shop Discount Stores.  There are a number of discount stores from TJ Maxx to Loehmann’s to Ross.  You can get great items for 30-90% of larger retail stores.
8.  After you do all you shopping, save the difference of what you would have spent.  For example, if you have set aside $100 to get your child a notebook and you find it for $69 on sale, save the $31.  This will start your New Year off with a bang!!

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