Liberty Educational Group

Liberty Educatioal Group was conceived by Lynesha McElveen in 2001 after witnessing civil unrest in a city nearly destroyed as people looted and rioted in protest to the actions of the local police.  Recognizing the need to empower people through Life Coaching, Economic & Entrepreneurship Education, and Greatness Training by providing innovative, easy to apply, life changing information, Liberty Educational Group was born with a mission to help give people the freedom to get a L.E.G. up on life!
We specialize in educating individuals though Life Coaching and Persoalized Consulting, R.E.A.L. Plans™, Education on Economics, Entrepreneurship and living a life that is full and Great!

Our niche’ is teaching people how to “Get the Best for Less” and still have money in the bank and “Get Your Gucci Without Getting Gotcha.”  This is done through The Di$count Diva (R) who teaches workshops and seminars on costs cutting, discount shopping, and getting the best for less in every area of your lives including entertainment, travel, home buying, car buying, and more.  The Di$count Diva (R) makes learning about money fun and teaches you how to live fabulous, yet frugal so you don’t have to sacrifice having a solid financial future.

The Di$count Diva is the owner of The Di$count Diva Thriftique a boutique that sells, new, new-to-you, and vintage women’s items sizes 0-28 and up to size 13 shoe.  She also holds “Swap Til You Drop” events where you can bring clothing, accessories, shoes, and other items and swap them for items that are “new to you” as well as “Di$count Diva Shopping Excursions” where we visit local discount, thrift, and consignment stores while she teaches you the tricks of the trade of discount shopping.  The Di$count Diva does personalized styling and wardrobe consulting and has recently written the book, “Discount Diva’s 30 Tips to Having the Best for Less.”

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