The Blessing of Irritation & Inconvenience

HanukkahHey Divas! For those of you who have been following me on Facebook, you know by now that I am observing Hanukkah this year. This is my first year after many years of study and I am learning a lot as I go. I’ve been posting a nugget daily about Hanukkah, but I am most recently learning about the significance of the oil.

Hanukkah came about because the 2nd temple in Jerusalem was taken over by an evil empire and destroyed and a group called the Maccabees decided to take it back. There was light the temple that would burn continually, called the Eternal Flame, and this represented the eternal presence of YAHWEH (God). It was of great importance to restore the light and ensure it continued to burn, however; there was only enough oil for the flame to burn 1 day. The miracle is it burned 8 days, hence the 8 day celebration of Hanukkah. What this says to me is the Heavenly Father knows how to provide even when you don’t have what you think you need. HIS presence is always with you. His anointing will not fade, even when you don’t have the equipment (good works, reading the bible daily, worshipping all the time, walking before HIM perfect) you think you need (oil).

I was recently cooking some breakfast and had pulled down the oil. I accidentally spilled A LOT of it, but I know nothing is coincidental. I began to understand that like the oil of Hanukkah, my Heavenly Father’s presence is always with me and it OVERFLOWS. There’s even so much of it, sometimes we get irritated by it. I was irritated by all that oil and it was inconvenient. I had to clean up and I have often been irritated or inconvenienced by birds chirping early in the morning, heavy rain, flowers blooming and pollen, or even when the sun rises and I don’t want to get up yet. All of which represent HIS presence.

Let’s take some time out today to think about the oil in our lives. How it overflows, is always with us, and provides more than enough and let us be mindful of that oil and try not to get irritated when we see HIS presence shows is made known to use at an inconvenience time!

Have a great day!



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