Is It Shine Time or Grind Time

Watch Her WorkHey Divas!  Have you ever had difficulty knowing what season you’re in?  Maybe it’s not even that you’re having difficulty understanding the season, you just don’t want to acknowledge the season.  The reason I ask is because oftentimes we try to cut out the “Grind” time to get to the “Shine” time.

What do I mean by that?  I mean, doing anything of great measure takes time, sacrifice, hard work, etc.  Whether that is building a business, starting a partnership, i.e. marriage, or propelling your career forward.  For example, if you have a goal of gaining a management position at a company you work for, that may require some sacrifice.  You may need to come in early, stay late, volunteer for projects, etc.  You may even want to get involved in community service projects on the job.  Doing these extra things may mean you can’t go on a few brunch dates with your girls.  You may even have to miss a few get togethers because you are working on weekends, but you are willing to do this because you are in a season of “Grind.”

You may be starting a business that requires endless hours of work, countless dollars put into the business, and diligent research.  This may mean you can’t get involved in other activities you may want to do because your time is limited.  You may not be able to go on the vacation with your friends or even your honey because you’re putting every spare dollar into your business.  You may have to make some hard choices/sacrifices like not going home to visit your mom because you are so busy working.  You may not be able to go to the park or movies or other fun things you’re used to doing on a consistent basis because you are too busy researching, reading books, attending workshops, or stalking the competition (lol).  This things are often required in the season of “Grind!”

This blog is not meant to check you, but to check me!  I say this because it’s spring time and about to be warm and often times we (I) get spring fever and want to hang out and play, but we can’t forget we still have goals to achieve, businesses to build, decisions to make.  If we want something different, we gotta do something different.  I say this because I’m used to doing what I want and expecting it all to work out, and usually it does, but the question remains, how much more could it “work out” if we chose to sacrifice something for the greater good of something else.

I challenge you to understand your season, and if you are in a season of “Grind” like I am to trade in “fun and frilly” for “focus and foundation.”  Let’s try it for 6 months and be willing to do today what others won’t do in order to have tomorrow what others won’t have!  Who is with me?!!



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