Walking In Your Passion: Doing What You Love

Watch Her WorkHey Divas!  I have a question for you?  Are you walking in your passion?  Are you fulfilling your purpose on the earth?  The reason I am asking is because we just started a new year and usually this is the time people start re-evaluating their lives, reviewing last year’s progress, and making new goals.  For many, their goals include doing what they want to do and “Firing Their Boss.”

The first thing to do in order to walk in your passion is to figure our what you are passionate about.  Do you like traveling?  Figure out how to make money off of visiting different places!  Do you enjoy dining out or trying different foods?  Figure out how to turn that into a business.  Do you like helping others?  Figure out how to develop this into a viable, paying gig.

Next figure out, what are you naturally good at doing.  Do you naturally counsel people or give advice without even thinking about it?  That may be where your passion lies.  Ever thought about Counseling or becoming a Therapist?  Do you teach people how to make things easier, better, or more innovative?  You may be inclined to Consult for a living.  Do you educate people on everything you know without ever being prompted?  You may wanna look at being a Teacher, Coach, or Instructor.

The most important thing is to find what you are passionate about and do that.  Once you begin doing what you love, you will truly begin to live and I can testify to that from my own experience!





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