Ballin on a Budget: Discount Diva Finds

dior girlAs a young woman, I have always liked and wanted nice things.  Clothing has been my vice and I have worked hard at finding cheap, chic outfits for the low, low for a long time.  During my shopping sprees, I have found everything from vintage Chanel to brand new Ralph Lauren.  One of my greatest finds was a $5000 Derek Lam purse for $150 (after talking the sales woman down from $185).  The thing I like most about finding these frugal finds is the thrill.  I love finding the same items as my dear friends and paying 50%-95% less.  It is wonderful to see the envy in their eyes while I look great, all while still having money in the bank!  So you may want to know, how do I find deals like this?  One of the first places to look for discounts is through local consignments shops.

You can find consignment shops by looking online, through the local phone book, or even asking retailers and boutiques if/where they donate items to consign.  Most importantly, remember EVERYTHING is negotiable!  Be ready to negotiate for the price you want and be sure to ask the store about consigning and trading some of your own unwanted items.

Remember Ballin’ on a Budget doesn’t just mean spending what you want, but it also means having money left in the bank!  Since resigning myself to a life of Ballin’ on a Budget, I have committed to finding all these delicious deals after first saving, investing, and giving 25% of my income and paying my bills.  To make matters even better, if I budget for an item, and I find it at an even better price, I save the difference verses buying 3-4 of that item.  This is especially a challenge with shoes, since I love them most!

I have made sure to create savings goals for larger purchases and plan for those purchases.  Planning for purchases requires discipline and delayed gratifications, but I always say, “You must be willing to make short term sacrifices for long term rewards.”  Some of the goals I have planned for included traveling to Dubai and purchasing a Jaguar.  Because I planned for my vehicle, saved money for a cash down payment, and had good credit, I was able to negotiate a price point that allowed me to pay under $300/month ($277 to be exact).  This amount was only $7 more than I paid for my 1999 Mazda Protégé.

Well you may ask, “Does Ballin on a Budget work for buying houses?”  It sure does!  In light of the recent market, it has been easy to get a great house for $0.40-$0.50 on the dollar.  With interest rates at an all time low, it is almost stupid to not take advantage of the market.  To ensure you know what you are doing, I suggest attending courses on Real Estate, joining an investment club, or pairing up with someone more experienced than yourself.  I’ve received all sorts of testimonials from people getting awesome real estate deals and my house, which is a 200K plus house in an up market was purchased for only 32K, so I definitely know a thing or two about Ballin on a Budget in Real Estate.

These principles apply to everything from travel, to home decor, to jewelry, to clothing, to anything else you want!  I’m telling you, “Ballin on a Budget” is the key to having everything you want, and everything you need!  Being a “Discount Diva” doesn’t hurt either!  Try it….You might like it!    Good luck and continue the hunt for your Discount Diva Finds!  



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