Live Your Life with Intentionality

By Lynesha McElveen

Many times we go through life wishing, hoping, and praying for a door to open.  We may be interested in developing personally, i.e. achieving goals and dreams, buying a home, or becoming more spiritually grounded, as well as professionally, i.e. making a certain salary, growing our business, or learning about a new area.  We even desire certain relationships, partnerships, and friendships, but how many of us set out to share our lives verses waiting on life to just happen to us?

 What I am talking about is making a plan of action and then lining everything else up in your life to go with that plan.  For example, if your plan is to retire by the age of 45, how many of us intentionally put things into place to see this happen.  We talk about it like it’s a far off wish, but are we investing, finding passive income opportunities, or residual income streams?  Are we paying off debts, saving a much as we can and limiting expenses so we can save and invest even more.  If not, then you must ask, are you really planning for early retirement, or just wishing for it? 

 If you want to get married, how are you preparing yourself to be a good mate?  Many times we sit around and make lists of what we want in our mate, but how many of us are looking at ourselves, and I mean really looking at ourselves?  How many of us can be objective enough to think that maybe if you keep running into the same situations over and over again, it’s not the other people, it’s you.  If you do have the goal in mind of marriage, what self development are you doing to prepare?  What would make you a good mate?  Are you an encouragement to others?  Do you cook?  Can you lead your household?  Have you learned to compromise?  Are you selfless?  Do you understand there is no perfect man or woman?  Once you ask and answer these questions, what are you doing to put yourself into position to find the right mate?  Do you go anywhere, or are you trapped in your house all day?  If you are, chances are you won’t meet your spouse, unless he/she works for UPS.  Are you so into another person that is not good for you and you refuse to open yourself up to the possibility of anyone else? 

 So what about those who want a successful business?  Are you going to the places where people who are in your business go?  Are you attending conferences?  Joining associations and organizations?  Finding mentors?  Are you on the grind, especially in the early years?  Do you get up early and go to bed late?  Are you lazy?  Do you open yourself up for constructive criticism from others in the business and prospective clients?  Are you doing something every day towards your business?  Do you find yourself constantly learning about new technologies, strategies, and innovations in your field? 

 What I am talking about is living your life with INTENTIONALITY.  Taking deliberate and well thought out steps towards your goals.  Getting up daily with them on your mind and doing things daily to work towards achieving them.  If you have a plan and understand your purpose, then I’m sure this is nothing new to you, but if you don’t, you’d better get one quick before life just passes you by. . .



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