Take Responsibility for Your Life

Look, this may be more of a rant than a blog, but at some point you have to put on your big girl panties and take some responsibility for your life!  I am so sick of hearing people complaining, murmuring, and making excuses for where they are in their lives.  They point the finger at those around them without paying attention to the other 4 fingers pointing back at them.  I admit, I have done it and probably will again in the future, but it’s one thing to talk about an uncomfortable situation, and another to talk about the situation daily and not do anything to change it.

If you continue to remain in a situation that you say you don’t like, than obviously you do like it!  I mean, even babies know when they don’t like a situation and try to remove themselves from it.  At a certain point, they realize that poo is on them, and they don’t like it, so they start taking their diaper off or they start bringing you diapers to change them.  They being untrained, inexperienced in life, and a lot less knowledgeable know how to get out of uncomfortable situations, but we adults, would rather roll around in the poo and complain that crap is all on us.  Does that make any sense?

I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s time for us ALL to stop wallowing in our situations.  Stop being a victim!  If there’s something you don’t like, than do something to change it instead of continually complaining about it.  Our words have power, so whether you complain about it because you want it to change or because you don’t know what else to do, talking about it will definitely give it power, intensify it, and make it grow.

So now, where do we go from here?  In order to move forward and start being accountable for the state of our lives we should start by asking ourselves some R.E.A.L. ™ questions.  R.E.A.L. is Realistic Expectations About Life.  If you are making bad decisions, then it’s cool, but be realistic and expect that they’re going to negatively impact your life and be willing to accept whatever comes from those decisions, good, bad, or indifferent.

Here are some R.E.A.L ™ questions to ask yourself about your current circumstances:

  1.  What part did I play in this situation?
  2. How did my decisions, choices or the lack thereof contribute to this situation?
  3. Am I projecting some of your own inadequacies on to others and blaming them for this situation?
  4. Is there something I can do to change this situation?
  5. How can I grow and adapt to this situation?
  6. If I don’t want to adapt to this situation, how can I remove myself from the situation?
  7. What are the lessons I should learn from this situation?

I think if you begin asking yourself some hard questions, you can begin controlling the situation and stop allowing it to control you.  Once you gain control of the situation, you have won half the battle.  The other half is forgiving yourself for getting into the situation in the first place.  So stop complaining, start examining yourself, continue praying, seeking, knocking, and asking and you will receive the answers to all of the above questions and the peace you so desire in every area of your life.



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