The Process

By: Lynesha McElveen

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with all the things you have to do to make your business succeed?  Call this person, follow up with that person, and schedule this appointment in addition to being the PR person, the Marketing person, the Accountant, the CEO, and any other position that is needed.  I know I have felt overwhelmed, and in the process felt like I just didn’t want to do what was necessary, especially when it came to reaching out to others. 

 Was it fear of rejection?  Fear of failure?  Fear of success? 

 My husband told me yesterday the problem was I was avoiding responsibility.  I didn’t want to take accountability for the success of my company.  I wanted someone to rescue me, fix things, make everything perfect, and do all the grunt work.  I thought to myself, “How dare him,” but I also thought to myself, “He is right.”  I was avoiding responsibility.  I did want everything to be an already smooth running machine, but I had to remind myself, everything has a process. 

 You don’t plant a seed of corn today, and go out tomorrow and see corn.  It takes time for that seed to go down into the ground, take root, and then come up.  You don’t see what’s going on during that process, but you just continue to water it, and day and night pass, and you know eventually something will sprout.  That’s how we have to do our businesses.  We have to water it and get rid of the weeds (go about the business of doing whatever we need to and being whoever we need to) and wait in expectation as day and night pass knowing that if we keep being consistent, eventually we will see the fruit of our works.    

 I challenge you today as I challenge myself to put in the work.  Let’s try to go today by pushing ourselves to do what we don’t want to, putting ourselves in uncomfortable positions, and growing from them.  Let’s try today to go without complaining, but being thankful for all we have and all this is going on in our lives that is positive.  Let’s try to go through the process with a smile on our face and joy and contentment in our hearts.



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